Commercials, feature films, T.V. Movies, videogames, videoclips, cartoons, today storyboarding is an essential tool in the creation of all audio-visual production.

This web site is aimed at professionals, enthusiasts, friends or just curious people who want to know more about storyboarding.

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october 23d 2019 :  « Hors Normes » a feature film directed by E. Tolédano et O. Nakache release today. I storyboarded few scenes.

october 2d 2019 :  « Chambord » a feature film directed by Laurent Charbonnier release today. I directed the animated scenes.

march 5th 2019 : « Le Mystère Henri Pick » a feature film directed by Rémi Bezançon release today.

february 20th 2019 :  « Le Chant du loup » a feature film directed by Antonin Baudry release today. Find one storyboard scene in my artbook !

january 16th 2019 :  « L’Incroyable histoire du facteur Cheval » a feature film directed by Nils Tavernier release today. Some storyboard sketches in my artbook !