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Storyboard / Feature-films and series

  • “King” Feature-film / 2022 /Produced by Maneki Films & Full House/ Directed by D. moreau & A. Sanier.
  • “Some Like it rare” Feature-film / 2021 / Produced by CinéFrance Studios / Directed by Fabrice Eboué.
  • “The Origin of the world” Feature-film / 2021 /Produced by Les Productions du trésor / Directed by Laurent Lafitte.
  • “They Were ten” French TV-series / 2021 /Produced by Escazal Films / Directed by Pascal Laugier.
  • “Le Lion” Feature-film / 2020 /Produced by Monkey Pack Films / Directed by Ludovic Colbeau-Justin.
  • “Proxima” Feature-film / 2019 /Produced by Darius Films / Directed by Alice Winocour.
  • “The Specials” Feature-film / 2019 /Produced by Quad & Ten Films / Directed by E. Tolédano & O. Nakache.
  • “Chambord” Feature-film / 2019 /Produced by MC4 / Directed by Laurent Charbonnier.
  • “White as snow” Feature-film / 2019 /Produced by Mandarin cinema / Directed by Anne Fontaine.
  • “The Wolf’s call” Feature-film / 2019 /Produced by Les Productions du trésor / Directed by Antonin Baudry.
  • “The Mystery of Henri Pick” Feature-film / 2019 / Produced by Mandarin cinema / Directed by Rémi Bezançon.
  • “The Ideal palace” Feature-film / 2019 / Produced by Fechner Films / Directed by Nils Tavernier.
  • “School out” Feature Films / 2019 / Produced by Avenue B / Directed by Sebastien Marnier.
  • “Savage” Feature-film / 2019 / Produced by Kazak Productions / Directed by Vincent Mariette.
  • “La Deuxieme étoile” Feature-film / 2017 / Produced by Vendredi Film / Directed by Lucien Jean-Baptiste.
  • “Le Bureau des légendes” French TV-series S1-EP1 / 2017 / CANAL+ / Produced by The Oligarchs/ Directed by Eric Rochant.
  • “Yes I Do” French TV-series / 2016 / Produced by White Panama Films / Directed by Elsa Blayau.
  • “Finding Death” Promo reel feature-film / In devlopment / Produced by RR3 Films / Directed by Fouad Benhamou.
  • “Leap” Animated feature-film / 2016 / Produced by Quad & Caramel Films / Directed by E. Warin & E. Summer.
  • “Santa Claus!” Feature-film / 2014 / Produced by Quad / Directed by Alexandre Coffre.
  • “Les Petits Meurtres d’Agatha Christie” French TV-Séries / France 2 / 2010-2015 / Storyboard for few episodes. Produced by Escazal Films / Directed by Eric Woreth
  • “Samba” Feature-film / 2014 / Produced by Quad & Ten Films / Directed by Eric Tolédano & Olivier Nakache.
  • “Once upon a forest” Feature-film / 2013 / Produced by Bonne Pioche, Wild Touch & Disney / Directed by Luc Jacquet.
  • “Amazonia” Feature-film / 2013 / Produced by Biloba Film & Gullane Filmes /Directed by Thierry Ragobert.
  • “30° couleur” Feature-film / 2012 / Produced by Quad / Directed by Lucien Jean-Baptiste & Philippe Larue.
  • “Mike” Feature-film / 2010 / Produced by Cassidy / Directed by Lars Blumers.
  • “Them” Feature-film / 2006 / Produced by Eskwad / Directed by Xavier Palud et David Moreau.

Storyboard / Commercials :

Here is a non-exhaustive list of directors, productions and clients with whom I worked since 2003 :

Directors :

David Moreau, Alexandre Aja, Olivier Megaton, J-B Saurel, Wilfid Brimo,  François Vogel,  Thierry Poiraud,  Philippe André,  Jan Kounen, Jean-Claude Thibaut,  Arnaud Roussel,  Henri Bargès,  Xavier Mairesse,  Patrick Guedj,  Bruno Chiche,  Olivier Gondry, Jean-Pierre Philippot,  Shawn Severi,  Jean-Marc Gosse,  Fred Garson,  Phil Dussol,  Thomas Tyman,  Mona Hachache,  Adrien Armanet,  Julius Berg,  Akama,  Laurent Bourdoiseau,  Paul Mignot,  Julien Trousselier, Yvan Attal,  Christophe Barratier,  No Brain,  Antoine Besse,  Christophe Navarre,  Delphine Gleize,  Xavier Palud,  Alexandre Mehring,  Didier Canaux,  Antoine Bardou-Jacquet, Benjamin Seroussi…

Production companies :

The Drawing Agency, Wanda,  Quad,  Why Us,  Hamster Pub,  Auditoire,  Iconoclast, Tempesta,  Partizan,  Les Producers,  Bollywood,  Blue Films, Ldm,  The Bare Films,  Anita Kitchen,  Radical Média, Insurrection,  Onirim, La Pac,  Magali Films,  Obvious,  Soixante-quinze,  Irène, Big Productions, Pixies, Mikros images, Prodigious, La Pac…

Clients :

Renault, Michelin, Nintendo, Kenzo, Société Générale, Lux, Hollywood chewing-gum, Samsung, Moulinex, Rowenta, Citroën, Loreal, Chanel, Danone, Feu Vert, Garnier, Kinder, Dannette, Essilor, Oger, Nivea, Kia, Guerlain, Ferrero, GDF, Orange, Yoplait, AA, Peugeot, Volvic, bonduelle, Mercedes, Toyota, Vodafone, Neuf Telecom, Décathlon, Tropicana, Quick, Véolia, Vinci, Nokia, L’Oréal, EDF, Haägen Dazs, Ademe, Narta, Nokia, Hachette, Keloggs…

Other insformation

Since 2015, director of animated sequences for several historical TV-documentaries. Broadcasted on ARTE TV or released in theater. “Chambord”, “Le Mont Saint-Michel”,  “Jean-Baptiste Charcot”, “The Secret held in the ice”.

Proficient in english (oral and written)


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